mix tapes I made 10-20 years ago. all vinyl, no edits.


My first official mix tape. Uplifting jungle on one side, dark tunes on the other.

Dichotomy (Light Side) download
Dichotomy (Dark Side) download

66 Percent

This one starts out with dubby beats and breaks then transitions to jungle, beatmatching on the oddest time signature I've run across.

66 Percent download


A downtempo mix that I forgot about until I put it in the cassette player.

Amnesia download

Back to School

Side A is funky beats and some house for a summer day. Side B starts out mellow and then things take off quickly.

Back to School (A) download
Back to School (B) download

Bargain Bin

A mix tape of all thrift store records (well, except one). Weird electro, proto-house, and dubby disco.

Bargain Bin 1 download
Bargain Bin 2 download

Dark Anxiety

I've found tapes with this on it also labelled "Transitions". The A side is heavy triphop beats, the B side a journey into dark drum 'n bass territories.

Dark Anxiety (A) download
Dark Anxiety (B) download