Google Static Maps Playground

Try out the Google Static Maps API by building your own URL in the textbox above. Clicking on the parameters with a grey background and arrow will insert that parameter into the textbox for you. Clicking on any parameter or its short explanation will also display a full explanation in this box. Then click on the link above to view the Google Static Maps image!

Parameter descriptions are taken directly from Google's Static Maps API documentation with some editing for clarity

The textbox has some javascript cleverness in it that inserts new parameters before the sensor=false parameter, keeping with Google's convention of placing that parameter last. It will also reformat the parameters to one per line when a new one is inserted. Extraneous spaces will either be converted to plus symbols or removed entirely from the link. However, it may be too clever for its own good. If it does something annoying, please let me know.

This tool was built for beginners in a class offered at GIS Day 2010 in Redding, CA. For a easier, step-by-step wizard, see this sample from Google.